Bridge Creek • Heritage Trail • Icefall Trail Loop

Sundance Lodge Loop • The Figure Eight Walk

Tuff Puff • Two o’clock Loop

Bridge Creek

After all the stream crossings and a little bit of bushwhacking during this half day, 6.4 km hike, your efforts are rewarded with a picturesque waterfall.

Heritage Trail

Heritage Trail leads you to the Stoney Indian burial grounds. After the 3.9 km or half day walking this easy to negotiate trail you can learn about their heart breaking story.

Icefall Trail Loop

A steep incline near the end of this hike which leads to a stunning icefall. This easy stroll will take a good half day and cover a distance of 7.2 km.

Sundance Lodge Loop

An easy two hour stroll that covers 4.9 km and pass many interesting native points of interest.

The Figure Eight Walk

A short one hour walk is prefect for young families. It’s short 3.4 km easy stroll has plenty to see and do.

Tuff Puff

Awestruck is how you will feel at the end of this full day 14.6 km trek. When you reach the end of this climb that has an elevation gain of almost 1000 m the view of the surrounding peaks will be inspiring.

Two o’clock Creek

If you are up for a challenge you might want to try to concur this full day, 18 km trek. As you ascend 1150 m to the top, the view panoramic is absolutely heavenly.

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