Black Canyon Creek • Dry Haven - Goldeye Lake Trail

Fish Lake Loop • Fish Lake Resource Management Trail

Goldeye Lake • Shunda-Goldeye Lake Trail

Black Canyon Creek

This long 18.4 km walk has some slopes that are fairly steep, and should take a full day to complete.

Fish Lake Loop

Covering 4.7 km over 2 hours this easy stroll elevates only 10m.

Fish Lake Resource Management Trail

Covering 2.2 km in about an hour this education walk is an easy stroll and has a rise of only 20m.

Goldeye Lake

An nice easy relaxing stroll along this 4.5 km should take only about 2 hours.

Shunda Goldeye Lakes Trail

Connecting Goldeye and Shunda lakes this trail is only 4.5 km and is an easy stroll.

Shunda Goldeye Lakes Trail

Traveling between these two areas is this 2.4 km easy stroll.

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