Allstones Creek • Allstones Lake • Hoodoo Creek

Mud Creek • Windy Ridge Point

Allstones Creek

The half day and the many stream crossings will make this jaunt a whole lot of fun for every member of the family. The half day 5.4 km cuts through the gorge up to the waterfall.

Allstones Lake

Even though it only takes a few hours to get to Allstones Lake you will want to stop along the way and take in some of the amazing views. So do plan to spend the day.

Hoodoo Creek

Hoodoo are not the only site to see along the half day 5.2 km hike. The gravel path also leads to cave above the hoodoos.

Mud Creek

With out any trail to speak of this hike will be work, as the terrain is broken and has steep sections to go along with the bushwhacking.

Windy Ridge Point

Climbing 3.6 km in a short 3.6 km is a fairly steep climb along to along with some scrambling.


Contact Information

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Address: Visitor Information Centre, Hwy. 11