Alexander Henry’s Trail • Whirlpool Point Loop

Whirlpool Ridge • Wild Horse Creek

Alexander Henry’s Trail

An easy walk that takes two hours and covers 4.6 km is a nice stroll, and is next to the North Saskatchewan River.

Whirlpool Point Loop

Only 2 hours or 3.2 km of easy walking will take you to the place that everyone wants to see and find out why its called Whirlpool Point.

Whirlpool Ridge

From this point a fantastic view awaits all who dare to spend the day climbing to the mountain area. The 10.2 km distance is a steady climb as it has an elevation gain of 1100m.

Wildhorse Creek

This hike will take you two full days as you cover 15.2 km. The very steep ascent to the pass, then a steep descent down to Landslide Lake can make this trail difficult.

Contact Information

Phone:  1-800-565-3793

Address: Visitor Information Centre, Hwy. 11