Where Adventure Begins

Where Adventure Begins is a great description for Alberta's favorite playground. Wilderness is what many people seek, whether they you are here to enjoy some great camping, or seeking a backcountry experience with one of the many adventure companies in the area. Much of the West Country can be enjoyed by your choice of horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking, quadding or even by air. Rocky Mountain House can be your place to relax after a fun filled day of exploring the West Country.


Explore our rich history from the fur trade to the pioneer era to a land sought by adventurers for its opportunities. Breathtaking scenery is available whether you are here for a short drive, a camping trip or for one of many adventures available in the foothills and mountains. The friendly folk of Rocky Mountain House, Caroline and Clearwater County and Nordegg are eager to help you enjoy your adventure. Clearwater County and the Bighorn Backcountry play host to a large variety of recreational activities.

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Contact Information

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Address: Visitor Information Centre, Hwy. 11